Time For West To Back Zimbabwe

By Bruce Mutsvairo SYDNEY-   If Western governments are sincere about political reforms in Zimbabwe, then they have to support President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new government. There are no two ways to it. Long-time followers of Zimbabwean politics will tell you that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) for right or wrong reasons will struggle to […]

East African law firm predicts key growth for African countries ready to invest in gaming

Once bitten twice shy – How about this Zimbabwe Election and the processes?

The Next Africa

Africa is ‘on the rise’, says UN chief Guterres, urging collaboration for better future

GENEVA- Africa is “on the move and on the rise” with communities coming together to resolve their problems and offer mutual support, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres highlighted on Wednesday. He urged everyone with a stake in Africa’s success to seize the new opportunities and work together with people on the continent for the common […]

Stop Begging For Funds, Buyanga Tells African Entrepreneurs

Yvette Twagira: A Rwandan Princess recalls meeting Harry, The Royal Prince

Northern Africa

Seychellois Citizen Kidnapped In South Africa Returns Home

BY OWN CORRESPONDENT VICTORIA- A Seychellois citizen has been safely returned to her family on Tuesday after being held captive by kidnappers for three days in South Africa. Her release was secured by the South African Police Services (SAPS) in an operation coordinated by the Gauteng Hostage and Crisis Negotiators centre with assistance from Interpol, the […]

UN Rebukes Algeria Over Mass Deportations Of Africans

Morocco Embassy Observes Throne Celebrations

Eastern Africa

Rwanda Court Grants Opposition Politician Diane Rwigara Bail

BY STAFF WRITER JOHANNESBURG- Rwanda opposition politician, Diane Rwigara, has been released from prison on bail after she was arrested last September for inciting insurrection and forgery, a charge she denied. Rwigara’s mother, Adeline, was also released on Friday. The youthful politician was barred from contesting in Rwanda’s presidential poll for failing to collect the […]

The Arms Trade in The Horn of Africa

New Rebel Group Declares War on Rwanda’s Paul Kagame

Southern Africa

Zimbabwe Top Court Outlaws Mugabe’s Repressive Security Act

BY SAMUEL MUNGADZE JOHANNESBURG- Zimbabwe Constitutional Court has outlawed section 27 of the Public Order and Security Act (POSA), which prohibits demonstrations without clearance from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). The repressive Act was enacted at the peak of former President Robert Mugabe. Constitutional Court Justice Rita Makarau handed down the judgment yesterday saying only […]

African Business Lobby AU For Continental Passports

Another Limited Bugatti Veyron Lands in Zimbabwe

Western Africa

Dangote Urges Deepening Of African Economy Through Free Trade

LONDON– Foremost businessman, Aliko Dangote has in London called for conscious efforts at deepening African regional market by African investors and governments to aid rapid growth and development of the Continent’s economy. Speaking during “One to One Conversation” at the on-going 5th annual Financial Times African Summit, the Nigerian entrepreneur said the key to Africa’s […]

Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa Slower than Expected

United Nations expert to assess human trafficking in Nigeria

The Editor's Choice

Experts define sustainable packaging priorities for Africa

Food losses and waste are an enormous drain on natural resources. Roughly one-third of the annual food produced globally for human consumption — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — is lost or wasted. These losses are particularly unfortunate in Africa where approximately 20 per cent of the population is undernourished. Appropriate packaging has a significant impact […]

Don’t threaten us, we are only doing our job

Morgan Tsvangirai: The great river is flowing no more