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Morocco scores big as Arab league supports world cup bid


JOHANNESBURG- Member states of the Arab League have unanimously agreed to Morocco’s candidacy for the organization of the 2026 Football World Cup.

The decision was taken during the 29th Arab summit, held in Saudi Arabia city of Dhahran.

The support from the Arab states comes after Morocco also got backing of South Africa and Kenya.

On March 17, Morocco presented in Casablanca the outline of its “bid book”, its candidature for organising the World Cup tournament in 2026.

The renovation and construction of sports facilities are underway, while the North African nation also plans to invest over US$3 billion, out of a total budget of US$15.8 billion allocated to the organisation of the global sports event.

The Arab League is comprised of 22 countries said: “The decision of the Summit commits all member states to provide the necessary support for the Moroccan candidacy, thanks to the close relations and the many links that unite Arab countries and participation in strengthening and consolidation to serve the interests of the people and to realise their hopes.”

Morocco, which has also won support from several African countries, face competition from the United States, Canada and Mexico who have put in a joint bid to host world football’s biggest showpiece in 2026.

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