Zimbabwe’s Chief Prosecutor Clears Businesman Frank Buyanga

BY DOUGLAS REDFERN JOHANNESBURG- South African based Zimbabwean businessman has been cleared of wrongdoing in a probe by the Attorney General’s  (AG) office after multiple complaints by people who lost properties they surrendered as surety for loans. The AG’s announcement has cleared up a cloud of suspicion that had been hanging over Frank Buyanga who […]

Southern Africa

African Business Lobby AU For Continental Passports

BY SAMUEL MUNGADZE JOHANNESBURG-The African Union (AU) has confirmed that it has no problem considering a request by African business actors for AU passports to be issued to them in order to ease their mobility on the continent. Speaking to media on his recent visit to South Africa, African Union Commission Deputy Chairperson, Ambassador Kwesi […]

Northern Africa

UN Rebukes Algeria Over Mass Deportations Of Africans

BY DOUGLAS REDFERN JOHANNESBURG- The United Nations (UN) on Tuesday ordered Algeria to stop deporting Africans into a desert. Felipe Gonzalez Morales, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants said ordered the North African nation to “immediately stop the deportation of African migrants” to a desert. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that […]

Western Africa

Dangote Urges Deepening Of African Economy Through Free Trade

LONDON– Foremost businessman, Aliko Dangote has in London called for conscious efforts at deepening African regional market by African investors and governments to aid rapid growth and development of the Continent’s economy. Speaking during “One to One Conversation” at the on-going 5th annual Financial Times African Summit, the Nigerian entrepreneur said the key to Africa’s […]

Eastern Africa

Rwanda Court Grants Opposition Politician Diane Rwigara Bail

BY STAFF WRITER JOHANNESBURG- Rwanda opposition politician, Diane Rwigara, has been released from prison on bail after she was arrested last September for inciting insurrection and forgery, a charge she denied. Rwigara’s mother, Adeline, was also released on Friday. The youthful politician was barred from contesting in Rwanda’s presidential poll for failing to collect the […]