Who will be Malawi’s ruling party presidential candidate?

PATRICK NJAWALA BLANTYRE-Battle knives have been drawn. Peter wa Mutharika has declared that he will represent the Democratic Progressive Movement in 2019 presidential elections and there are supporters cajoling him to be the party’s torchbearer. Mutharika is serving his first term in office, constitutionally he is allowed to stand for another. Why then does he […]


Exploring David Makhura`s Rapid Land Release Initiative: A cautionary perspective

BY PHILLIP HUNI PRETORIA- To stave off the spectre of illegal land invasions currently engulfing the country, the Gauteng premier, David Makhura, has announced that as of June 2018, he will be giving away identified vacant pieces of land to the land-hungry urban dwellers who are prepared to build houses for themselves. According to the […]


Nelson Chamisa has what it takes but he needs take advice from others

BY BRUCE MUTSVAIRO SYDNEY-Even if he wins the elections and becomes Zimbabwe’s third president, Nelson Chamisa will need plenty of media and political communications training if he wants his global peers to take him seriously. You would have to be completely thoughtless to dismiss Chamisa’s potential. But those who have followed Zimbabwean politics for a […]


Zimbabwe elections: Fraud waiting to happen

BY IRVINE MAKUYANA JOHANNESBURG-In a few months, the unelected Zanu PF president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, faces off with the unelected MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa, in Zimbabwe’s presidential and general elections. This will turn out to be the greatest election fraud in Zimbabwean history, second only to the March 29, 2008 poll and the subsequent July 27 […]


The Great Land Debate in South Africa: Emerging Perspectives and their Ramifications

By Philip Huni PRETORIA- The current heightened focus on the land question in South Africa is a reflection of the gravity of the decisions the government will have to make to find a win-win solution that addresses the apartheid legacy of black disempowerment without being seen as an infringement on the property rights by the […]

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Why Moody’s didn’t downgrade South Africa to junk status: The full rationale

JOHANNESBURG- The previous weakening of South Africa’s institutions under former President Jacob Zuma will gradually reverse under what promises to be a more transparent and predictable policy framework that is being driven by the new president Cyril Ramaphosa. This is the view taken by Moody’s Investors Service when the global credit rating agency confirmed the long-term […]