Liberia: ‘I Will Accept Free, Fair, Transparent Results’ – VP Boakai

Photo: Joseph Boakai
Vice President Joseph Boakai By Jackson C. Clay, Jr.

Liberia's Vice President and presidential candidate on the ticket of the ruling Unity Party, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai has vowed that he would only accept results that are free, fair, transparent and credible.

"I will accept only results that are transparent, credible, free and fair," Vice President Boakai told journalists moment after he cast his ballot in the Rehab community in Paynesville.

Ambassador Boakai, who had gone to vote in the just ended presidential and representatives elections in the country, said he is not looking forward to a second round of election, adding that the Liberian people are going to vote first round for him so that he can get into real business for the country.

VP Boakai asserted that if elected as Liberia's next president following the elections results, he would first start by expressing thanks and appreciation to the Liberian people and to show them that his is ready to move the country forward.

He then reiterated that under his leadership as president of the country, Liberia would no longer be a donor-driven one but rather Liberians themselves are going to build Liberia.

"If I'm elected, my first plan will be to thank the Liberian people and show to them that this is time for real business. We are not going to be a donor-driven country, Liberians themselves are going to build this country," VP Boakai stressed.

At the same time, the Unity Party presidential candidate has expressed joy over the huge turnout during the voting day, adding that he thinks Liberians are ready to decide who their next leaders are.

In a related development, the Liberian vice president who has spent close to twelve (12) years in power as the second person in the country has admitted that Liberia is the most backward country on the African continent in terms of age.

Vice President Boakai indicated that the country is not backward because it lacks resources but because it had lack proper management in time past.

"A lot of you don't know this country. This country is the most backward country in Africa in terms of age. It is backward not because it is poor but because it has not been managed properly," he noted.

VP Boakai asserted that real love on the part of leaders has not been demonstrated towards the country over the years, something he believes is responsible for the country's backwardness.

He stated that though this government has done some good things, but there are many things this government, the Unity Party government should have done better and as such, if elected he would ensure that these things are properly done.

"First and foremost, corruption is going to be fought to the core. There are not going to be any favoritism, not even from my family or my enemies. We will make sure that the good things that are being done will be intensified," VP Boakai said. He assured Liberians that money for Liberians would be used to take care of Liberians and no one else.

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