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Morocco welcomes U.N security council resolution, blast Algeria


JOHANNESBURG- Morocco has welcomed the U.N. Security Council resolution approved on Friday, which seeks to up with a solution to the 42-year conflict over Western Sahara between Morocco and the Polisario Front independence movement.

Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, said the resolution vindicates effort of King Mohammed VI who has been able to counter attacks from Sahara region.

He said the Security Council’s decision serves as a warning the “Polisario” and Algeria, in the strongest possible terms, against their acts of provocation and irresponsible agitations.

The resolution calls for the Polisario Front to immediately withdraw from Guerguerat, but makes no mention of Morocco. It also expresses concern at the Polisario announcement of plans to move administrative functions to Bir Lahlou, and calls on the movement “to refrain from any such destabilizing plans.”

Bourita said the resolution vindicates Morocco’s position on the proliferation of Polisario ceasefire violations, encouraged by Algeria, there has been multiple attempts to change the legal and historical status of the area, as well as repeated challenges to the authority of the Security Council and international law.

He said: “There has been false campaign carried out with “media trickery”, attempts to falsify the facts orchestrated by Algeria and the “polisario” in order to distort the realities and disseminate false information on the political process.”

Bourita told media that it is in this context that the resolution of the Security Council came to clarify, restore the truths and emphasize the approach favored by the international community to resolve this regional dispute.

“The Council’s clarification focused particularly on the following 3 essential points: first, the historical and legal status of the defense system in the East and the actions of the “Polisario”, thus, regarding Guerguarate, the Security Council “expressed its concern about the Polisario’s presence in the Guerguarate buffer zone, calling on it to withdraw immediately,” he said.

Bourita explained that with regard to Bir Lahlou, the Security Council “expressed its concern about the Polisario’s announcement to transfer administrative structures to Bir Lahlou, calling on him to refrain from such destabilizing actions”.

A glance at Morocco’s explanation of the resolution

  • First, in its resolution, the Security Council specifies that the purpose of the political process, conducted under the exclusive auspices of the United Nations, is “to achieve a realistic, achievable and sustainable political solution based on compromise”. These are terms that identify with the political solution advocated by Morocco, within the framework of the Moroccan Initiative of Autonomy.

By this same position, the Council dismisses all unrealistic, impracticable and unsustainable solutions, schemes or plans defended by the other parties.

Likewise, the Council reaffirms the pre-eminence of the Moroccan Initiative for Autonomy and also advocates that “realism and the spirit of compromise are essential to progress towards the political solution”.

  • Secondly, the Council expressly asks neighbouring countries, and therefore Algeria, to “make an important contribution to the process and to make a stronger commitment to progress towards the political solution”.

The Council endorses the Secretary-General’s recommendation in his latest report (S / 2018/277) to invite Algeria to engage strongly in the political process, commensurate with its indefeasible responsibilities in the regional dispute over the Sahara Moroccan.

The resolution thus confirms the status of Algeria as an actor and stakeholder, which must be strongly involved in the search for a political solution. It is Algeria that arms and shelters the polisario, it is Algeria which finances it, which frames it and which mobilizes all its diplomatic apparatus to counter the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

  • Finally, the resolution reinforces the exclusive leadership of the United Nations in addressing the issue by calling on “parties to further engage in United Nations efforts”, on the basis of realism and compromise to achieve to the political solution that can only be political within the framework of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco.
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